Why Hire A Property Manager in Lorton VA?

Property manager in Lorton VA

DID YOU KNOW that in Lorton VA property management doesn’t require a license?!

Virtually anyone could tell you they are a “Lorton VA property manager” and hold your tenant’s rent, and your home, in their unwatched and untrained hands. Amazing but true.
On the other hand, all real estate agents ARE required by Virginia law to be licensed and obey all rules regarding handling of client money (only a broker can hold rent and security deposits, not a real estate salesperson). But most real estate agents specialize in buying and selling homes, and do not manage properties on a day-to-day basis. While these agents are great at selling homes, most do not understand:

  • the dangers of improper tenant screening
  • the consequences of failing to abide by terms of the lease
  • how to manage difficult tenants or collect late rent
  • how to evict efficiently
  • how to troubleshoot maintenance issues without wasting the owner’s money

Key Home’s Lorton VA Rental Management
At Key Home Management, we are both real estate agents AND professional property managers. We are members of NARPM (National Association of Residential Property Management) and we are held to a higher standard. We are a fully licensed Property Management Firm in Virginia.

Why Is Key Home’s Lorton VA Property Management different from other property management firms?

  • We keep up with the latest legislation and trends in landlord/tenant affairs.
  • We understand difficult issues such as eviction, tenant rights, mold, military transfers, etc. and know how to respond.
  • All rent and security deposits are property handled and accounted for — we follow the rules.

Read full article here.

Article written by Betty Best.

Original source: keyhm.com



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