Top Tips To Improve Your Home Curb Appeal

Tips to improve home curb appeal

“Curb appeal” is a term you hear often when talking about buying and selling a home, but first impressions are just as important when it comes to rental properties. A surprising number of renters and buyers will pass on a property without even seeing the inside of the home if the exterior appears uninviting or not maintained. There are many easy and inexpensive ways to improve the curb appeal of your property, which in turn will help increase property value and get your property rented or sold faster.

Take a critical look to identify any repairs that need to be made before listing your property. Look for loose, missing or damaged siding and brickwork, a cracked or uneven foundation, and gutters, downspouts or fences that are in disrepair. Neglected repairs on the outside can give potential renters or buyers the impression that the property is not maintained on the inside.

Check the driveway and sidewalks for weeds and clutter. Clean and declutter patio, deck, and front porch areas. Sometimes, simply pressure washing your patio, deck, or porch can make a huge difference in appearance. Painting or staining the front door and buying a new doormat can go a long way to making the entryway feel more welcoming. Make sure all the exterior lights are working, and that pathways and entryways are well lit. Replace the mailbox if it is dented or rusty looking, and repaint or add house numbers if they are not easy to see from the street.

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Article written by Allison B.

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