Costs of Hiring a Property Manager

Alexandria property managers

How much does property management cost?

Our property management fees are 8% of the monthly rent for single family homes and town homes.  We charge 10% per month of the rent for most condos.  If someone offers you a lower rate, for the same level of service, please give us the opportunity to match it!

What other fees do you charge?

Unlike many property management companies, we have a VERY short list of miscellaneous fees.  We charge a small fee for negotiating and renewing a lease.  We have a per-event charge for major insurance claim coordination, or if we have to make a court appearance on your behalf.   That’s about it!   If you ask us to forward your mail, there’s a nominal charge.

What if I’m going to be overseas?

Not a problem – about 50% of our clients are living outside the US.  Because our system is web-based, you’ll have a unique and secure log-on portal that allows you to see your account, when rent was paid, any outstanding invoices, copies of documents, work orders – at any time.  We respond to emails early in the morning and late at night, as needed, to accommodate our overseas clients.

What if I find my own tenant?

Because our standards are high, we will not manage a property unless we first review the tenant or applicant, as well as the property, and agree that we are willing to take on the risk.  In most cases this is not a problem.  However, we do ask to process the application and if approved, prepare the lease.  If the tenant’s already in place, we’ll make a decision after a review of your property and in consultation with you.

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