Professional Rental Managers in Norther VA

Professional rental managers in Northern VA

Specializing in Northern Virginia Area Residential Property Management

Key Home Sales and Management supply extensive, reputable, and trustworthy residential property management services in the Northern Virginia area. Whether you are a single homeowner or a realty investment firm, we will effectively handle homes that include residential single-family houses, and condos/town houses. Our main goal is to exceed our client’ expectations while saving them time and money.

Our expert knowledge — leasing  regulations, fair housing, VRLTA and Common-Law Virginia Leases , up-to-date on latest in tenant issues, such as mold, fire codes, bed bugs, security deposit and eviction rules — saves you from costly mistakes.

We are not only real estate agents. We are Professional Property Managers. We are members of NARPM (National Association of Residential Property Management) and we are held to a higher standard. We are a fully licensed Property Management Firm in Virginia. 

What makes a professional firm different?

  •   We keep up with the latest legislation and trends in landlord/tenant affairs
  •   We understand difficult issues such as eviction, tenant rights, mold, military transfers, etc. and know how to respond
  •   All rent and security deposits are property handled and accounted for — we follow the rules
  •    We network with other property management firms and attend regular training and conferences
  •   We know that representing you comes first — we never put other real estate business ahead of what you hired us to do — care for your home and tenant
  •   We are an Independent, Licensed Brokerage
  •   We consult with local Landlord/Tenant expert Attorneys
  •   We adhere to both the Real Estate industry and the Property Management industry Code of Ethics

Our property management services in Northern VA include:

  •   Tenant move-in, move-out and pre-occupancy inspections, thoroughly documented with photos
  •   Interim inspections at least twice each year, more often if we feel necessary
  •   Collect rent, pay any bills you want us to pay for you, and deposit your money into your account as quickly as possible
  •   Emergency phone support for you and your tenant — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  •   Troubleshoot repair requests with tenants to avoid unnecessary charges, and make needed repairs promptly
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Costs of Hiring a Property Manager

Alexandria property managers

How much does property management cost?

Our property management fees are 8% of the monthly rent for single family homes and town homes.  We charge 10% per month of the rent for most condos.  If someone offers you a lower rate, for the same level of service, please give us the opportunity to match it!

What other fees do you charge?

Unlike many property management companies, we have a VERY short list of miscellaneous fees.  We charge a small fee for negotiating and renewing a lease.  We have a per-event charge for major insurance claim coordination, or if we have to make a court appearance on your behalf.   That’s about it!   If you ask us to forward your mail, there’s a nominal charge.

What if I’m going to be overseas?

Not a problem – about 50% of our clients are living outside the US.  Because our system is web-based, you’ll have a unique and secure log-on portal that allows you to see your account, when rent was paid, any outstanding invoices, copies of documents, work orders – at any time.  We respond to emails early in the morning and late at night, as needed, to accommodate our overseas clients.

What if I find my own tenant?

Because our standards are high, we will not manage a property unless we first review the tenant or applicant, as well as the property, and agree that we are willing to take on the risk.  In most cases this is not a problem.  However, we do ask to process the application and if approved, prepare the lease.  If the tenant’s already in place, we’ll make a decision after a review of your property and in consultation with you.

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Property Managers in Burke VA and Tax Advantages

Burke VA property manager

Key Home Sales and Management is a full service real estate and property management company servicing the entire Northern Virginia region, including Fairfax and Arlington counties. We are dedicated to providing property management services that is hands-on, friendly, responsive, and above all, caring. Our property management company is specialized in residential homes, including single family homes, townhouses and condos in and around Arlington and Fairfax counties.

Burke VA Property Managers Have Tax Advantages

Having rental properties could mean long-term income if the property owner is able to keep tenants in their properties. Landlords who still have a professional job might not be able to devote the necessary time to take care of their properties. Hiring a qualified property management company in Burke Virginia to help, can offer numerous advantages, including some tax benefits.

Tax Deduction

As a property owner, any professional services they need in order to maintain their investment could be tax-deductible. This means getting the services of property managers can potentially lower the tax dues of the property owner after the tax deduction.

Burke, Virginia – Property Management Services 

Key Home property managers do not just offer tax-deductible services for the property owner; we also offer serious management. Part of our job is handling and issuing all the necessary paperwork between the property owner and the tenant. When the tax season comes, this can be very helpful, especially for property owners who are not specifically organized or skilled at bookkeeping. The property owner can then take the highest credits and deductions they are allowed to get. They can miss this opportunity if the paperwork had not been easily sortable or organized.

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Advantages of Using Alexandria VA Property Management Company

Northern VA rental management company

It is quite a good idea to work with Alexandria VA professional management company to manage rental homes. In the beginning, it may appear simply an extra cost, but when landlords think about the benefits of having property supervisors, it is in fact nearly not an expense at all.

Property management business make the life of proprietors more hassle-free due to the fact that home managers can deal with the tedious tasks that go along with having properties. Additionally, they could help business grow and the landowner can just use their time with other things they have an interest in. There are a great deal of other needs to work with a property management company.

Better Screening Capabilities

A professional Alexandria VA property management services encounters countless applications. Given that they have the appropriate training, they know exactly what to watch out for when inspecting paperwork. Building supervisors carry out a long, however efficient technique in selecting renters. Allowing them to screen the candidates would indicate having better quality renters.


Considering that an excellent Alexandria VA property management company is experienced in their field, this gives them the understanding to meet their jobs that homeowners may not have the ability to do. Building managers comprehend every detail of all the elements about home management from evaluating to dealing with tenants and knowing the laws connected with possessing properties.

Occupants Can Talk with Somebody Right away

If something needs instant attention, the homeowner does not have to go to the unit and inspect the issue, especially if they are not local. If a knowledgeable Alexandria VA property management company is in control of managing the home, renters can talk to somebody who can take care of their issues so the property owner will not be bothered.

On Time Payment

A good building management business will certainly concentrate on their jobs on collecting rent. The secret to obtaining rental fees on time is to be consistent with rent collection. An Alexandria VA building management company would impose rental policies if payments are not received. Through this, homeowner do not have to worry when issues including rent payments will occur.

More Freedom

When a homeowner has a property manager, they can live and invest anywhere they desire without the constraint of having to be close to the properties. Furthermore, they do not have to be available whenever there is a concern on the rental homes. It does not matter if they live in the same state as long as they have a reliable Alexandria VA home management business. Some homeowner even live abroad and just gather their check monthly without really seeing their properties.

Avoid Anxiety

Homeowners do not have to handle mountains of documents, tenants triggering problems on the building, chasing after rental payments, and kicking out renters, among others since a professional Alexandria VA rental management company can do all that.

Why Hire a Property Manager in Lorton VA

Why hire a property management firm in Lorton VA

Hiring Lorton VA rental managers can be extremely helpful, specially if you have multiple properties to manage. A lot of property owners handle their rentals with the help of a resident manager or just by themselves. However, in some cases landlords may need professional help, and this is the time that they need to think about employing a home management company.

What Property Managers in Lorton VA Do

Home managers directly deal with tenants and leads, conserving time for the property owners and assisting lessen concerns on rental marketing, collecting rent, handling repair and maintenance, pursuing expulsions, and handling occupant complaints. Great Lorton VA rental managers bring their competence to the building, providing peace of mind for the landowner understanding their possession is in good hands.

When to Hire Property Managers

There are specific considerations to know if employing a professional property manager. Landowners must work with property managers if:

  • They do not live near the rental home– Lorton VA home supervisors can be instrumental in managing numerous matters that the property owner can not handle from afar.
  • They have a lot of rental units or homes– property owners who have great deals of rental units might not have the ability to properly manage their possessions, so they can make the most of a property management company.
  • They have actually restricted time– Even if they wish to handle their buildings on their own, landowners might not have the time to do so. Lorton VA property managers can assist in changing business structure, handling finance for renovations, and trying to find brand-new buildings.
  • They do not want hands-on management– Many landowners consider their rental homes only as an investment. So, they have little or no interest in the daily management, and this is when building managers can be valuable.
  • They are suddenly flooded with management tasks– If the business is growing, there comes a time that the landowner feels they require help to properly manage everything, and it would make sense to hire property managers.
  • The home is part of an affordable real estate program– Real estate programs can cause problems. Generally, the property owner gets financial support, which could be a low interest loan, tax credits, or a grant, in exchange for allowing occupants who make lower than a certain income bracket to lease a part of their property. Lorton VA rental managers have the experience in handling such housing programs.
  • They do not want to be a company– Property management services are independent contractors. Unlike in employing a resident supervisor, property owners do not have to handle payroll and legal requirements when they employ a property management business.

Tips on Finding a Professional Management Company

Here are a few of the methods to find an excellent Lorton VA rental managers:

  • Get references from associates and the regional home association.
  • Interview property managers to respond to all concerns prior to having them take control of.
  • Browse the Web to discover expert building supervisors.

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Why Hire A Property Manager in Lorton VA?

Property manager in Lorton VA

DID YOU KNOW that in Lorton VA property management doesn’t require a license?!

Virtually anyone could tell you they are a “Lorton VA property manager” and hold your tenant’s rent, and your home, in their unwatched and untrained hands. Amazing but true.
On the other hand, all real estate agents ARE required by Virginia law to be licensed and obey all rules regarding handling of client money (only a broker can hold rent and security deposits, not a real estate salesperson). But most real estate agents specialize in buying and selling homes, and do not manage properties on a day-to-day basis. While these agents are great at selling homes, most do not understand:

  • the dangers of improper tenant screening
  • the consequences of failing to abide by terms of the lease
  • how to manage difficult tenants or collect late rent
  • how to evict efficiently
  • how to troubleshoot maintenance issues without wasting the owner’s money

Key Home’s Lorton VA Rental Management
At Key Home Management, we are both real estate agents AND professional property managers. We are members of NARPM (National Association of Residential Property Management) and we are held to a higher standard. We are a fully licensed Property Management Firm in Virginia.

Why Is Key Home’s Lorton VA Property Management different from other property management firms?

  • We keep up with the latest legislation and trends in landlord/tenant affairs.
  • We understand difficult issues such as eviction, tenant rights, mold, military transfers, etc. and know how to respond.
  • All rent and security deposits are property handled and accounted for — we follow the rules.

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Tips on Getting Your Rental Ready for New Tenants

Tips on getting your rental ready for new tenants

Prep for Listing and Photos

  Use incandescent light bulbs, all lights working and fixtures clean and bright
  De-clutter and de-personalize
  The cleaner the better
  Make any needed cosmetic repairs (can wait to do other repairs after you move out)
  Clean windows — sunshine makes all the difference!

Before a Tenant Moves In

  Deep clean the house (if not already complete) — the standard of clean YOU SET is the standard we hold the tenant to
  Have the carpets professionally cleaned — we require the tenant to do the same on move-out
  Inspect/clean any wood-burning fireplaces
  Clean gutters (tenants clean gutters after their move-in)
  Fresh caulk in all bathrooms, and kitchen if needed
  All toilets working well — replace flappers if needed
  Fresh furnace filter — leave a couple for the tenant — they are required to change

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Northern Virginia Top Property Management Company

Northern VA real estate investing


Specializing in Northern Virginia Area Residential Services

Key Home Sales and Management is Northern VA’s leading property management services and solutions company. We bring you the highest level of expertise, service, and professionalism. We work closely with our clients to fully understand their investment goals, and then apply our wide range of expertise to turn their goals into reality.

Key Home Sales and Management has taken our 15+ years of experience and re-created the industry processes to consistently exceed our clients’ expectations, while saving them time and money.

We are not only real estate agents. We are Professional Property Managers. We are members of NARPM (National Association of Residential Property Management) and we are held to a higher standard. We are a fully licensed Property Management Firm in Virginia.

Our property management services include:

•  Straight forward and cost-effective fee structure
•  Marketing strategy to fill any vacancies
•  Comprehensive tenant screening
•  Collection and retention of tenant security deposits
•  Timely rent disbursements to owners
•  Direct deposit for owners and online payment portal
•  Online owner access to financials, maintenance, and reporting
•  24/7 Maintenance and emergency services, and more.

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